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DUI Case
A Relieved Client
“Jason is a terrific DUI attorney and person in general. As mentioned by the other reviewers, he truly cares about you and always looks for your benefit. I was very concerned about protecting my record and he was able to do just that by reducing the charge to reckless driving because I was a first time offender. He has great communication with all his clients and I would personally recommend him to anyone looking for legal help. I am very grateful he was on my side.”
DUI Case
A Grateful Client
“Very easygoing, understanding and VERY MUCH willing to help with the case. He was round the clock helpful, literally, as he was always available to talk to at any given moment. All around a VERY good lawyer, did EXACTLY what he said he would, and is worth every effort you need to make if he represents your case. I was happy with his representation and highly reccomend him.”

Chicago DUI Defense Attorney

When the police pulled you over as part of a DUI investigation, you made certain decisions. Did you admit to drinking, submit to field sobriety tests, take the breathalyzer? Regardless of the decisions you made at the time of the traffic stop, you have a critical decision to make now – which attorney to hire. Hiring the right attorney, one who is knowledgeable, thorough, and tenacious, is the most important decision you will make in the case.

The Right Attorney

An experienced Chicago DUI attorney will have the qualifications and skill to protect your rights and defend you against a DUI charge; working to keep that charge from becoming a conviction.

Jason Ott of Suhre & Associates is such an attorney. He thoroughly reviews the evidence, aggressively challenges the charge against you, and works diligently to obtain a dismissal. He is very experienced in minimizing the impact the DUI charge will have on your driver’s license and handles all levels of Secretary of State driver’s license hearings.

Confidence Comes With Preparation and Experience

At Suhre & Associates we have extensive experience with DUIs in the Chicago area. We know the courts and how to prepare your defense. We will exploit every weakness in the State’s case against you.

As the Managing Attorney, Jason Ott personally handles every detail of your case, assuring you that the combined experience of Suhre & Associates is behind you every step of the way.

Give us a call now. The prosecution is working on its case against you. Let’s get started building your defense.